Welcome to my personal finance blog! My name is Isabelle and I am a professional working in the financial services industry.  I have been investing in the real estate sector and find it a great way to achieve financial freedom and create wealth.

I started this blog to help my readers improve their personal finances, build and maintain good credit, make more money, and achieve financial stability and financial freedom faster.

Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur, or a  student; whether you are single or married; whether you are rocking it financially or struggling to make ends meet, having a financial plan is what can help you avoid overspending, be better equipped to deal with unexpected expenses, and achieve your financial goals.

I cover credit issues, budgeting, money saving, career, education, investment, home ownership and real estate, entrepreneurship, and many other money focused topics.

My goal is to inspire you to discover new and better ways to save and invest your hard-earned money and to achieve financial stability & financial freedom.

Through the posts on Elite Budget, my hope is to:

-Share simple and easy to apply financial tools and information
-Encourage you to start managing your finances the right way
-Help you grow in your career and discover money-making ideas
-Inspire you to share your ideas and inspire others

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